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Stock Seller Takes Legal Action Against Buyers Over Failure to Close S Corp Books for Q1 Tax Loss

Explore a case study where a stock seller filed a lawsuit against buyers due to a breach of stock purchase agreement. Learn about the significance of Section 1377 election and clear communication in M&A transactions. July 27, 2020 Introduction: When

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How a Chosen Merger Structure Led to a $2 Million Tax Impact for the Seller

Explore a case study where a business owner’s merger decision resulted in a substantial tax impact of over $2 million. Learn how the chosen deal structure influenced tax outcomes and the implications for buyers and sellers. Seek expert tax advice

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Buyer’s Right to Sue Sellers for $9 Million in Pre and Post-Sales Tax Liabilities in M&A Deal

Explore a case study where a buyer’s right to sue sellers for $9 million in pre and post-sales tax liabilities was examined in an M&A deal. Learn about the legal arguments, court decisions, and the implications for similar situations. July

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Typo Leads to Legal Dispute: Stock Seller Sues Buyer for Tax Refund for Target’s Pre-Closing Operations

Explore a legal case where a simple typo in an acquisition agreement led to a complex dispute. Learn about the conflict, the legal arguments, and the court’s decision in Heritage Handoff Holdings, LLC v. Fontanella. July 10, 2020 Introduction: Acquisition

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Buyer Refunded $3.5M Due to Unemployment Tax Issue in M&A Deal

Learn about a legal case where a buyer was refunded $3.5 million due to an unemployment tax issue that arose after an M&A deal. Understand the importance of considering unemployment compensation tax when acquiring a business with employee turnover. July

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Selling Company’s $309 Million Stock Profit Might Avoid California Franchise Tax as Nonbusiness Income

Explore the tax implications of a $309 million stock sale and California Franchise Tax. Gain insights into the Fidelity National Info. Services, Inc. v. Franchise Tax Board case and how it impacts cross-state stock sales. July 8, 2020 Introduction: When

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Managing Sales Tax Risks When Buyer Operates Retail Liquor Business Before Closing in M&A Deals

Learn about the legal complexities and risks associated with sales tax in M&A transactions involving retail liquor businesses. Understand the importance of proper tax reporting during transitional arrangements. July 8, 2020 Introduction: When selling a business that involves a liquor

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$2.8 Million Tax Consequences Arising from Incorrect Subsidiary Sale Structure

July 6, 2020 Explore a case study highlighting the significant tax implications resulting from an incorrect subsidiary sale structure in a business acquisition. Learn from the legal dispute and its aftermath, emphasizing the importance of accurate acquisition documents and coordination

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Ensuring Payment of Foreign Taxes in M&A Escrow: Lessons from a Legal Case

Explore a legal case that highlights the importance of addressing foreign tax liabilities in M&A deals. Learn from an $80 million acquisition where inadequate management of escrow arrangements led to a dispute over unpaid Mexican income taxes. Wednesday, July 1,

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