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Stock Seller Sues Buyers for Failure to Close S Corp Books to Obtain Q1 Taxable Loss

July 27, 2020 Introduction One tax issue when selling the stock of your S corporation business midyear is dividing up the year’s income and expenses. That is because an S corporation passes its income, and expenses through to the owners

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Chosen Merger Structure Accelerates over $2 million in Taxes for Seller

July 21, 2020 Introduction Selling a business usually generates significant tax consequences. However, a transaction can sometimes be structured to defer the payment of taxes. The deal The business owner held the KFC and Pizza Hut franchises in Russia through

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Buyer of Target Can Sue Sellers for $9 Million of Pre and Post Sales Tax Liabilities

July 15, 2020 Introduction It can be challenging for a national footprint business to navigate the 11,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States. Thus, buying a large business presents state and local sales tax risk. The deal This deal

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Typo Forces Stock Seller of Business to Sue Buyer for Pre-Closing Tax Refund

July 10, 2020 Introduction There are lots of words in acquisition documents. A stock purchase agreement in a relatively simple transaction may contain 20,000 words. And there are many different references throughout the agreement to buyer and seller; and sometimes

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$3.5 Million Buyer Refund – No Transfer of Seller Unemployment Comp Experience

July 10, 2020 Introduction One tax expense to project when buying the assets of a business is unemployment compensation tax. Especially if the buyer is going to hire the seller’s employees. A potential risk for the buyer is inheriting a

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Seller $309 Million Stock Gain May Be Nonbusiness Income and Escape CA Franchise Tax

July 8, 2020 Introduction One tax risk of a multistate corporate business selling the stock of a subsidiary is exposing the gain to many states with different rules and tax rates. The deal The seller here provides credit and debit

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Seller Owner Must Pay Sales Tax on Underreported Buyer Liquor Sales Made Before Closing

July 8, 2020 Introduction Selling a business with a liquor license takes time. The buyer cannot acquire the license or permit without state approval. The buyer and seller sometime agree to a transitional arrangement where the buyer takes over the

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$2.8 Million Tax Cost for Failure to Follow Planned Structure of Subsidiary Sale

July 6, 2020 Introduction The formalities of a sale of a business can have significant tax consequences to the owners. It is important that the preferred structure of the sale is implemented. And that means that the seller and the

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M&A Escrow Did Not Adequately Secure Risk of Seller Nonpayment of Foreign Taxes

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 Introduction A buyer of the assets of a business does not want responsibility for the income taxes that apply to seller’s gain from the transaction. So how can the buyer manage the risk of the taxing

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