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Seller’s Stock Purchase Agreement Disclosure Schedule Blocks Buyer’s $1.4 Million Claim

Introduction The buyer of a company wants to minimize the risk that it overpays for a company. One way to minimize this risk is thorough due diligence. Find out everything you can about the target business. In addition, the buyer

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S Corp Stock Seller Can Sue Buyer for Not Closing Tax Books Mid-year

Introduction An S corporation does not pay federal corporate income tax. The S corporation passes its income, deductions and credits through to its shareholders, in proportion to their ownership interest in the S corporation. The shareholders then pay income tax

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Boilerplate in business purchase agreement – good for insomnia, but may be important in a post-closing fight

Introduction Reading boilerplate in a business purchase agreement helps me sleep. The language is a tough read. But beneath the dense language are words that can really matter when a fight breaks out after the closing. The deal The buyer

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Worst case – buying a business with a large unknown liability

Introduction One of the biggest risks in buying a business, car or house is the unknown problems that pop up after the purchase. This case illustrates the problem. The deal Buyer purchased all the stock of a company from sellers.

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Hawaii federal court says that seller of convenience stores cannot discharge his deal fraud liability in bankruptcy

Corporate entities controlled by Seller sold a chain of convenience stores and related assets to corporate entities controlled by Buyer. This sale was governed by a stock purchase agreement. The stock purchase agreement required that Seller submit a working capital

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