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Franchise Asset Buyer Didn’t Inherit Seller’s Unemployment Tax Experience Rating

M&A Stories November 2, 2020 Introduction A company’s unemployment insurance liability depends upon its experience rating; the employee turnover history of the business. A buyer of the assets of a business usually starts with a lower unemployment liability than the

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$3.5 Million Buyer Refund – No Transfer of Seller Unemployment Comp Experience

July 10, 2020 Introduction One tax expense to project when buying the assets of a business is unemployment compensation tax. Especially if the buyer is going to hire the seller’s employees. A potential risk for the buyer is inheriting a

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Business Buyer Sues Seller for Undisclosed Poor Unemployment Insurance Experience Rating

Introduction An asset business buyer can sometimes see its post-closing unemployment or workers compensation insurance experience rating unexpectedly jump after acquiring a business. The deal In this case, a company with a normal New York unemployment insurance experience rating acquired

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Buyer of Colorado restaurant assets stuck with seller’s higher unemployment tax rate liability even though buyer did not retain seller’s employees

Buyer began operating a restaurant in Palisade, Colorado (about 17 miles east of Grand Junction) after it acquired nearly all of the assets of Seller, which previously operated a different restaurant at the same location. Buyer acquired approximately 90% of

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