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Indiana High Court Requires Continuity of Ownership in Successor Liability Claim

Business asset buyer not liable to seller creditor under Indiana’s de facto merger or mere continuation successor liability exceptions to the successor liability doctrine. M&A Stories April 30, 2021 Introduction Successor liability is an important issue when pricing a business

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Asset Buyer Fights Claim That It Assumed Liability for Product Line Containing Asbestos

Buyer only purchased certain product lines of seller but also purchased the trade name that seller used for all product lines including a steam turbine product line that contained asbestos which the seller did not sell to the buyer. M&A

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Court Permits Mere Continuation Successor Liability Claim Against Buyer

Buyer purchased assets of seller for cash including a distributor agreement. Buyer did not assume any liability for seller’s breach of the distributor agreement. The court nevertheless permitted distributor to sue the buyer for breach of the distributor agreement for

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APA’s Pennsylvania Choice of Law Provision Didn’t Apply to State’s Product Line Exception

M&A Stories December 02, 2020 Introduction A buyer of the assets of a manufacturing business is not responsible for claims arising from the use of products made by the seller, unless the buyer assumed the risk in the asset purchase

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Buyer of Treadmill Maker Did Not Assume Implied Merchantability Warranty

M&A Stories November 18, 2020 Introduction A buyer of a manufacturer often prefers an acquisition of assets as opposed to equity of the seller in order to minimize the risk of post-closing product liability claims. The deal This deal involved

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Franchise Asset Buyer Didn’t Inherit Seller’s Unemployment Tax Experience Rating

M&A Stories November 2, 2020 Introduction A company’s unemployment insurance liability depends upon its experience rating; the employee turnover history of the business. A buyer of the assets of a business usually starts with a lower unemployment liability than the

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Buyer of Manufacturer’s Assets Has No Liability for Product Sold Before Closing

M&A Stories October 28, 2020 Introduction Management of product liability risk when buying a company is always an issue, even in an asset acquisition. Especially, if there is a history of seller products liability claims. The deal This deal involved

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$3.5 Million Buyer Refund – No Transfer of Seller Unemployment Comp Experience

July 10, 2020 Introduction One tax expense to project when buying the assets of a business is unemployment compensation tax. Especially if the buyer is going to hire the seller’s employees. A potential risk for the buyer is inheriting a

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Business Asset Buyer May Face $100 Million Payroll Tax Successor Liability Claim

June 30, 2020 Introduction One M&A tax risk in an asset acquisition is seller’s unpaid payroll taxes. The deal The buyer in this case purchased the assets of a financially distressed business for approximately $7.3 million dollars payable at closing

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Creditor’s Post 363 Successor Liability Claim Thrown Out by Bankruptcy Court

May 27, 2020 Introduction There is more legal risk when buying a distressed business, especially the risk of post-closing claims against the buyer by seller’s creditors, under a successor liability theory. This risk can be substantially minimized if the buyer

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