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Use of independent sales representatives subject out of state company to WA gross receipts tax

Today I want to talk about how your company may have more exposure to states in your market that have a gross receipts tax as opposed to an income tax. Let’s say you are a company that makes goods in

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Sale of servers and related computer equipment in divestiture of IT division is an occasional sale under NC sales tax law

Today I want to talk about the sales tax cost of selling or buying the assets of a business.  The buyer and seller of a business often argue over who will pay any sales tax on the tangible personal property,

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IL explains its sales and use taxation of a fee for providing a MLM mobile application program to its distributors

Today I want to talk about a multi-level marketing company (“MLM”) that sells its nutritional and diet products through its independent distributors. The MLM charges its distributors a fee to use its mobile application program. The MLM is not based

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Sales income earned from product shipped from Indiana to other states thrown back to Indiana

Today I want to talk about how sales income from product shipped out of state can be taxed by the state from which the product was shipped. People in the trade call this the throwback rule. An example of the

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South Carolina wants Amazon to collect use tax on sales made on its platform by 3rd party sellers to South Carolina residents

Today I want to talk about selling through Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (“FBA”) program. Let’s say your Arizona based company sells books on Amazon through the FBA program. For a FBA fee, your books are stored by Amazon. Amazon’s website

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Profit from sale of joint venture interest apportioned along with company’s other multistate net income

Today I want to talk about a multistate business that grows by joint venturing with another business. Specifically, let’s look at when the company exits from the joint venture with a sizable profit. Most states would tax the profit (or

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Colorado exercises discretion and excludes gain from sale of LLC interest of Colorado headquartered company from Colorado sales factor

Today I want to give a state taxing agency credit for doing the right thing. In this case the honors go to the Colorado Department of Revenue. This story involves a manufacturing company. It had a Colorado headquarters and two

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