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Court Finds Seller Did Not Breach Implied Nonsolicitation Obligation in M&A Case

Explore a recent M&A legal case where a New York federal district court examined non-compete breaches and trademark infringement. Gain insights into non-compete obligations, the introduction of a new competing product post-closing, preliminary injunctions, and the nuanced interpretation of M&A

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Buyer’s Asset Acquisition: No Responsibility for Seller’s Alleged Forced Labor Liability

Explore a complex M&A case involving the liability of a buyer for a seller’s alleged forced labor issues. Discover how the court ruled in favor of the buyer, highlighting the importance of thorough due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. M&A

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Fair Treatment of Minority Shareholders in M&A – A Case Study

Explore a case study on the fair treatment of minority shareholders in an M&A deal. Learn about the challenges, legal implications, and the role of controlling shareholders in this insightful analysis. M&A Stories January 28, 2019 In a recent merger

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Buyer Stock in M&A: Securities Fraud Risks

Explore the risks of using buyer stock in M&A deals and the potential securities fraud concerns. Learn from a real case study and key takeaways for transparent M&A transactions. M&A Stories January 26, 2019 In this M&A case study, we’ll

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Navigating M&A Disputes: A Debt Case Study

Explore a complex M&A case study involving shareholders, personal guarantees, and debt owed to Wells Fargo. Learn from the legal battle and verdict in this insightful analysis of M&A disputes. M&A Stories January 23, 2019 In this case study, we

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Understanding Successor Liability in M&A Deals: Michigan vs. New Jersey

Explore the nuances of successor liability in M&A deals, focusing on the legal case of Varilease Finance, Inc. v. Earthcolor, Inc. This blog simplifies the complexities of Michigan and New Jersey’s successor liability tests, offering insights for professionals in the

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Investment Banker’s Fee Approved in Chapter 11 Asset Sale Despite Challenges

Explore a recent case where an investment banker successfully secured their fee in a Chapter 11 asset sale, despite opposition from the trustee and creditors. Learn about the background, prepetition efforts, Chapter 11 petition, auction outcome, and the court’s decision

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Seller’s Responsibility for Permits in M&A Deals

Explore a case study in M&A deals where the seller’s responsibility for permits became a legal issue. Learn about deal modifications, legal battles, and key takeaways. M&A Stories January 18, 2019 In a notable M&A case, a Palo Alto-based business

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Limiting Environmental Remediation Costs in M&A Deals

Explore how to mitigate environmental remediation costs in M&A transactions through a real-life case study. Learn from a legal perspective about managing environmental uncertainties in stock purchase agreements. M&A Stories January 17, 2019 In 2014, a business owner in Palo

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Buyer’s Dispute Over $1.5 Million Judgment: Who’s Responsible?

Explore a legal dispute in M&A involving a Nigerian business and a Louisiana shipbuilding company. Learn about the “mere continuation” exception in Louisiana law and its implications for successor liability. Dive into the complexities of this case and its impact

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