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Court distinguishes the mere continuation successor liability tests of Michigan and New Jersey

Seller was headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey and operated plants in New York, New Jersey, Florida and Texas. Seller provided commercial printing services. Buyer is a Des Moines-based multi-platform communications company. On September 29, 2017, Buyer entered into an asset

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Buyer purchased hospital in bankruptcy, free and clear of a state age discrimination claim against seller

On May 28, 2014. Seller, a 211-bed independent community hospital located in the greater Newark, New Jersey area, entered into an asset purchase agreement with Buyer, a for-profit hospital chain based in California, for the sale of Seller’s hospital to

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Court holds that the buyer of the assets of a business assumed seller’s loan obligation to a creditor of a division the buyer did not purchase

The seller produced washer products. A medical device manufacturing company wanted the seller to make it an ultrasonic medical device washer product. The seller did not have the money to produce it. So, the customer, which we will call the

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