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Asset Buyer Dilemma: Are You Missing Valuable Assets in M&A?

Explore the complexities of asset acquisitions in the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Learn from a real-life case in the Kansas City area and understand how the legal nuances of third party beneficiaries can impact your M&A deals. September

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Court holds that seller in failed information-technology business deal cannot sue buyer’s lender for breach of loan commitment

This case arose from the unsuccessful sale of a Houston-area information-technology company which will be referred to as the target. The target’s seller agreed to sell his target stock to another Houston-area information-technology company, which will be referred to as the

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Seller employee can’t sue the buyer of a hospital for breaching its asset purchase obligation to hire all of seller’s employees because the employee was not a third-party beneficiary

The buyer, the largest private hospital operator in the United State, acquired substantially all of the assets of the seller, a financially distressed acute care facility that served as a community hospital. At the time of the sale, the hospital,

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Asset buyer not liable for race discrimination claim for not hiring former seller employee because the former seller employee never had an employment relationship with buyer

This is the story of the purchase of a car dealership by a buyer who was sued for not hiring one of seller’s employees. Seller wanted buyer to take care of seller’s employees. Buyer agreed to include a provision in

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