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Buyer’s Asset Acquisition: No Responsibility for Seller’s Alleged Forced Labor Liability

Explore a complex M&A case involving the liability of a buyer for a seller’s alleged forced labor issues. Discover how the court ruled in favor of the buyer, highlighting the importance of thorough due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. M&A

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Seller’s Responsibility for Permits in M&A Deals

Explore a case study in M&A deals where the seller’s responsibility for permits became a legal issue. Learn about deal modifications, legal battles, and key takeaways. M&A Stories January 18, 2019 In a notable M&A case, a Palo Alto-based business

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Limiting Environmental Remediation Costs in M&A Deals

Explore how to mitigate environmental remediation costs in M&A transactions through a real-life case study. Learn from a legal perspective about managing environmental uncertainties in stock purchase agreements. M&A Stories January 17, 2019 In 2014, a business owner in Palo

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Buyer’s Dispute Over $1.5 Million Judgment: Who’s Responsible?

Explore a legal dispute in M&A involving a Nigerian business and a Louisiana shipbuilding company. Learn about the “mere continuation” exception in Louisiana law and its implications for successor liability. Dive into the complexities of this case and its impact

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Buyer’s Legal Action for Lost Profits in Urgent Care Center Acquisition

Explore a case study where a buyer sued the seller over lost profits in an urgent care center acquisition. Learn about the legal aspects and due diligence considerations. M&A Stories December 21, 2018 In this case, a buyer in the

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Non-Disclosure of Customer Contract Nonrenewal in M&A Deal

Explore a 2015 M&A case where the disclosure of customer contract nonrenewals becomes a pivotal issue. Gain insights into the importance of clear language in M&A agreements. M&A Stories December 5, 2018 In a 2015 M&A case, a buyer based

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