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Potential $100 Million Payroll Tax Liability for Buyers in M&A Asset Deal

Discover the legal implications of inheriting unpaid payroll taxes in M&A asset deals. Learn from a real case involving a buyer facing a $100 million liability. Insights on managing risks and mitigating potential tax liabilities. June 30, 2020 Introduction: When

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Buyer’s Liability for Unpaid Sales Tax in Restaurant Asset Acquisition

Explore the legal implications of buyer liability for unpaid sales tax in restaurant asset acquisitions. Understand the New York state law and court decisions in Shakeen LLC v. Courtelyou Wine LLC. Read our M&A legal blog for expert insights. June

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Potential Trademark Infringement: Sub-licensee Marketing Beyond Region

Explore a legal case involving trademark licensing, regional limits, and trademark infringement claims arising from remote marketing by a sublicensee. Learn about the court ruling, implications for intellectual property protection, and the Barth v. Vulimiri case. June 12, 2020 Introduction:

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Court Denies Buyer’s Request for Injunction in M&A Dispute Due to Absence of Ongoing Arbitration

Read about a recent M&A dispute where a buyer’s request for an injunction was denied due to the absence of ongoing arbitration. Learn how the court’s decision highlights the importance of precise contractual language. Case reference: NUMSP, LLC v. Etienne.

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