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Buyer Cannot Sue Seller for Withholding Pending Customer Loss Information

Explore a case study in M&A where the buyer’s inability to sue the seller is examined due to contractual limitations on claims beyond representations and warranties. M&A Stories December 10, 2020 Introduction: When considering the purchase of a business, it’s

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Israeli pharma buyer’s fraud claim against seller of Mexican pharma company tossed out by court

In 2015, Buyer, an Israeli pharma company purchased Target, a Mexican pharmaceutical company, from Sellers, and the intellectual property used by Target from a Sellers affiliate. The total sale price came to $2.3 Billion. After the closing, Buyer claimed that

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Court said it may be reasonable for business buyer to rely on seller oral representation about competition

Target, based out of the Kansas City area, provides movie theater digital marketing/advertising and movie theater concessions. Sellers were the owners of Target. Buyer is a Texas capital investment limited liability company. In early 2015, Sellers circulated a solicitation seeking

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Delaware court holds that buyer of specialty chemical business can sue seller for misrepresenting the environmental liabilities of the business

Target’s business is making specialty chemicals. Its business was originally operated as an American subsidiary of a German based company. Ultimately, Target became the owner of the business. The owners of Target will be referred to as Shareholder. The owners

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