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Buyer’s Failure to Timely Pay Results in Lost Acquisition Opportunity

Explore a case involving a missed payment deadline in a business acquisition agreement and the legal consequences that followed. Learn how a buyer’s failure to adhere to agreement terms can lead to significant consequences in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). M&A

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Franchise Buyer’s Fraud Claim Impacts Seller’s Collection Efforts

Explore a complex M&A case where a buyer’s fraud claim challenges a promissory note, leading to a legal battle and an important court decision. Gain insights into the interconnection of purchase agreements, note obligations, and fraud allegations. July 8, 2019

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Court gives seller of business assets right to take business back because of buyer fraud

This case has the feeling of a Shakespearean tragedy. Roger and Shirley owned a business, which we will call Seller.  They retired and turned management of Seller over to their son Jeffrey.  Jeffrey ran the business as an officer of

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