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Seller of target company’s release given in stock purchase agreement bars reimbursement claim of seller’s parent against target

Shareholder’s Parent is a leading North American provider of environmental services to commercial and governmental entities. Until November 1, 2015, Shareholder’s Parent indirectly owned all of the issued and outstanding stock of Target through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shareholder. Shareholder provides

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Employee loses vested stock options upon sale of controlling interest in Employer

Employee is an executive with expertise in revenue cycle management and outsourcing phone calls and business processing services in the healthcare industry. Target is a Tampa, Florida based private company providing healthcare business outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing services to

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Court holds that company can sue foreign investor for breach of stock purchase agreement for failure to fund investment

The company was an online and livestream video platform creator with its principal place of business in California. In 2015, the company’s chief executive officer and chairman met with the vice president of a Chinese investment firm in California to

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