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Business Asset Buyer’s Purchase May Have Included Founder’s Publicity Rights

California intermediate appellate court holds that the asset purchase agreement’s acquisition of all the seller’s assets, including intellectual and intangible property, may have included the right to use the founder’s name and story to market the buyer’s brands. M&A Stories

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Court Holds That Business Buyer Probably Acquired Founder’s Publicity Rights

Introduction The exclusive right to use the founder’s name, likeness and goodwill in connection with the marketing and sale of the founder’s business may be a very valuable asset. And if it is, the buyer may want to acquire the

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Business Buyer Sues Seller Founder for Using His Personal Name to Promote Competitor

Introduction The personal name of the founder of a company such as the name of an inventor or fashion designer can be a very valuable asset in an acquisition. A buyer may want to minimize the risk that the inventor

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