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Asset Buyer Can’t Enforce Employee Nonsolicitation Covenants

Learn about a recent case in Oklahoma where a federal court refused to enforce certain employee non-solicitation post-employment covenants during an asset acquisition. Understand the importance of complying with local laws when implementing non-solicitation agreements in M&A deals to prevent

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How a Fraud Carve-Out Protected a Buyer’s Employee Non-Solicitation Claim in an M&A Deal

Explore a case study where a fraud carve-out provision played a crucial role in protecting a buyer’s interests in an M&A deal. Learn about the legal intricacies surrounding employee non-solicitation claims and exclusive remedy provisions. October 19, 2019 Introduction: Many

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Employee Raiding Lawsuit: Buyer vs. Seller Employee

Explore a real case where a buyer sued a seller’s key employee over employee departures after an acquisition. Learn about the legal implications and strategies to mitigate such risks in M&A deals. October 16, 2019  Introduction: In acquisitions, a company’s

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Court Finds Seller Did Not Breach Implied Nonsolicitation Obligation in M&A Case

Explore a recent M&A legal case where a New York federal district court examined non-compete breaches and trademark infringement. Gain insights into non-compete obligations, the introduction of a new competing product post-closing, preliminary injunctions, and the nuanced interpretation of M&A

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Navigating Noncompete Challenges in Stock Acquisitions: A Cautionary Tale

Explore the intricate dynamics of safeguarding key talent in M&A through this cautionary tale of a stock acquisition. Delve into the nuances revealed in a pivotal case from October 9, 2018, shedding light on the impact of stock acquisitions on

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