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Arbitration in Business Acquisitions when Real Estate Involved

Explore the complexities of arbitration in business acquisitions involving real estate. Discover how arbitration clauses may not always prevent disputes from reaching court, as highlighted by the BLW Motors, LLC v. Vicksburg Ford Lincoln Mercury, Inc case. Gain insights into

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Enforcing Liquidated Damages in M&A Deals: A Lesson from a Real Case

Explore a cautionary tale from the world of mergers and acquisitions. Learn about a case where a buyer’s commitment to pay $6.5 million in liquidated damages became the focal point of legal action. Understand the significance of well-negotiated clauses in

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Selling S Corp Stock with Company Real Estate: Navigating Tax Strategies

Explore tax strategies for selling S Corp stock with company real estate. Learn about unique M&A tax structures for closely held businesses, including the formation of a holding company and real estate distribution. M&A Tax Structures for Closely Held Businesses

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Uncovering 2-Class Stock Issue in S Corporation M&A Deal

Discover the critical importance of confirming the S corporation status in M&A deals to avoid unexpected tax liabilities. Learn from a recent case where a two-class stock issue threatened the corporation’s qualification and how it was resolved. M&A Tax Stories

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