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Understanding Successor Liability in M&A Deals: Michigan vs. New Jersey

Explore the nuances of successor liability in M&A deals, focusing on the legal case of Varilease Finance, Inc. v. Earthcolor, Inc. This blog simplifies the complexities of Michigan and New Jersey’s successor liability tests, offering insights for professionals in the

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Court Decision: Buyer Assumes Liability for Lead Paint Poisoning in M&A Deal

Explore a recent Wisconsin court decision on an M&A case where a buyer assumed liabilities for lead paint poisoning. Gain insights into the court’s interpretation of the asset purchase agreement and its impact on M&A transactions. M&A Stories November 14,

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Dispute Erupts in Aerospace Acquisition: Battle Over Warranty Claims

  Dive into the complexities of M&A as we unravel a recent legal dispute in the aerospace industry. Explore the intricacies of warranty claims, allocation of liabilities, and the aftermath of an acquisition gone awry. Gain insights from a real-life

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Court Upholds Product Liability Carrier’s Right to Sue Seller for Indemnification in Asset Purchase Agreement Dispute

Explore the legal intricacies of M&A in our latest blog post as we dissect a riveting case, “Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company v. BRG Sports, Inc.” Uncover the aftermath of an undisclosed design flaw in an asset purchase agreement that

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