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Court Holds That Buyer of Assets of Business Did Not Include a Service Vendor Contract

Under the asset purchase agreement, the buyer only acquired specifically identified contracts. This did not include the service vendor contract. The result? The buyer’s claim against the service vendor was thrown out of court. M&A Stories August 26, 2021 Introduction

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Seller’s Highly Leveraged Exit Strategy Collapses with Buyer’s Post-Closing Default

M&A Stories December 07, 2020 Introduction There is a lot more risk in selling your business when you turn over the keys to the buyer before getting all of your purchase price. The deal This deal involved the sale of

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Asset Seller Guarantor Must Pay Buyer’s $1.7 Million Legal Fees – But APA Said Buyer Pay Own Fees

February 7, 2020 Introduction Post-closing disputes in business acquisitions are common. One way of managing this legal risk is to deal with the question of whether the loser in such a dispute pays the reasonable legal expenses of the other

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Buyer Loses Dispute with Asset Seller Over Responsibility for Deal’s Sales Tax

Introduction The language used in an M&A deal matters. In a post-closing dispute, the lawyers and judges look to the language of the M&A document to resolve the dispute. And sometimes, the language will work against what a party thought.

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Court Finds No De Facto Merger in Purchase of Bankrupt’s Intangibles

Introduction Buyers of manufacturing businesses must always assess product liability risks. Even when buying the assets of the business as opposed to the stock (or LLC membership interests). The deal Here, the manufacturing company in this case made lathes. It

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Court Says That Buyer of Business Not Likely to Win Trade Secret Suit

Introduction A buyer of a business sued the seller’s owner to stop him from competing against the owner’s old business. The deal This case involved the sale of a seafood distribution business. The seller was a San Francisco based organic

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Franchise Buyer’s Fraud Claim Bars Seller’s Summary Collection of Note

Introduction It can be easy for a creditor to obtain a judgment against a debtor that has defaulted on payment of a promissory note. Essentially all the creditor must do is produce the signed note and prove nonpayment. But not

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Franchisee’s Fight with Franchisor Costs It a Sale of its Franchise

Introduction This is a story of a broken deal: a sale of a restaurant franchise that did not happen because of a dispute with the franchisor. The deal The case here involved a franchise for seven Tim Hortons restaurants located

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Bankruptcy Court Permits 363(f) Sale of Business Free of Pension Claim

Introduction A pension plan unsuccessfully tried to stop a company from selling a business to a buyer in a 363(f) (3) sale free and clear of the seller’s pension fund liability. The deal The seller was engaged in environmental and

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Beer Maker May Have Liability for Denying Consent to Sale of Wholesaler’s Business

Introduction Exclusive distributor relationships with manufacturers are usually the most important assets of a distributor business. The manufacturer is usually much bigger and has most of the leverage; leading to contracts that favor the manufacturer. Also, the manufacturer is most

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