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No Seller Responsibility for Pre-Closing Product Recall in M&A Deal

Explore a legal analysis of a significant M&A case where a buyer’s claim for indemnification in a product recall dispute was examined by the Delaware Court of Chancery. Gain insights into the court’s verdict and learn how such disputes can

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Buyer’s Indemnification Claim: Understanding Contractual and Statutory Limitations

Explore the complexities of indemnification claims in M&A deals. Understand how contractual and statutory limitations impact buyer’s claims based on the Kilcullen v. Spectro Scientific case. Learn from this legal dispute to navigate future acquisitions effectively. December 11, 2019 Introduction:

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Understanding Financial Statements Representation in M&A Agreements

Explore the importance of accurate financial statement representation in M&A agreements. Learn from a real case involving disputed financial statements and the court’s decision. Case reference: Hill v. LW Buyer, LLC. December 4, 2019 Introduction: In M&A agreements, sellers usually

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