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Court says asset buyer of business can sue seller for failure to disclose its union contract obligation

In this post-closing lawsuit, Unions comprised four jointly-managed multiemployer employee benefit plans. Seller was a Nebraska corporation which performed waterproofing, concrete and masonry restoration, and roofing services in Nebraska and the Midwest. Buyer was also a Nebraska corporation, performing commercial

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Buyer of a California union skilled nursing facility faces multi-employer pension plan withdrawal liability if buyer had constructive knowledge of the potential liability

Buyer purchased a 99-bed skilled nursing facility located Santa Clarita, California from Seller through an asset purchase agreement that closed on January 5, 2015. After the closing Buyer was sued by a multi-employer pension plan (union pension plan) for Seller’s

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Court finds that buyer of assets of a business with union employees is not alter ego of seller

This case is about a suit filed by a labor union to collect supplemental union dues from the buyer of the assets of a landscaping business which had union employees. The seller had been in business since 1988. Its sole

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