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Court Restricts Company Seller’s Nationwide Noncompete to 3 States

Introduction The sale of a company usually comes with its goodwill. In fact, in many cases goodwill is the crown jewel of the business. The last thing a buyer wants, is to pay top dollar for the business only to

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South Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Expansive Noncompetition Covenant in Recent M&A Case

Explore the legal implications of the Palmetto Mortuary Transport case where the South Carolina Supreme Court upheld a seller’s noncompetition agreement in an M&A deal. Gain insights into noncompetition covenants, risk mitigation strategies, and the evolving landscape of business acquisitions.

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Texas Court Narrows Reach of Noncompete Agreement in Grocery Store M&A

Explore a significant M&A case in Texas where a court restricted the geographic reach of a noncompetition covenant in the sale of Hispanic grocery stores. The buyer, owner of La Michoacana and El Ahorro chains, faced noncompete breaches, leading to

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