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The Reach of a Forum Selection Clause: Can M&A Buyer’s Fraud Suit against Seller and Multiple Owners and Managers Be Tried in Delaware?

Dive into the complexities of M&A forum selection clauses with our latest blog post, which analyzes a case where a buyer’s fraud suit against a seller and multiple managers and owners was partially dismissed in Delaware. The court ruled in

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A Georgia intermediate appellate court held that the buyer had not breached the purchase agreement after the closing for wanting to unwind the deal. July 26, 2023 Introduction: In a recent case, an Atlanta nightclub buyer faced a lawsuit from

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Learn about a recent M&A case where a buyer alleges the seller concealed credit risks before closing, leading to legal action and a court ruling denying the seller’s motion to dismiss. M&A Stories    April 13, 2021   Introduction: When buying a business,

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SEC Files Lawsuit Against Target Executives for Deceptive Practices in M&A Deal

The SEC’s legal action against Target’s CEO and CTO reveals the consequences of misleading buyers in M&A deals. Learn about the case and its implications for ethical M&A negotiations. M&A Insights Choosing the ethical path in M&A negotiations is not

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Buyer’s Ability to Sue Seller for Fraud in Delaware “As Is” Deal

Explore the legal implications of fraud in M&A deals, particularly in cases where buyers agree to purchase assets “as is” without explicit assurances. Learn from a real case study and understand the importance of representations and warranties in protecting buyers’

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Buyer Cannot Sue Seller for Withholding Pending Customer Loss Information

Explore a case study in M&A where the buyer’s inability to sue the seller is examined due to contractual limitations on claims beyond representations and warranties. M&A Stories December 10, 2020 Introduction: When considering the purchase of a business, it’s

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Seller’s $14.5 Million Fraud Claim Fails Against Majority Shareholder in Stock Deal

Read about a case where a $14.5 million fraud claim by siblings against a majority shareholder in a pharmaceutical company stock deal failed due to oversight in reviewing legal documents. Learn the importance of thorough legal document examination before finalizing

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Buyer Can Sue Seller’s Owner for Fraud in Asset Business Deal

Explore a case study where a buyer sued a seller’s owner for fraud in an asset business deal. Learn about the legal elements, court’s decision, and valuable takeaways for buyers in similar situations. January 20, 2020 Introduction: “Things gained through

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Court Approves Seller’s Fraud Lawsuit in Earnout Dispute

Explore a real-life M&A dispute where a seller’s fraud lawsuit against a buyer over an earnout disagreement led to a court ruling. Gain insights into the legal intricacies of this case and the implications for M&A agreements. November 6, 2019

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Earnout Dispute: Lessons for Business Sellers

Explore the case of a Texas-based seller’s earnout dispute and the consequences of failing to verify earnout calculations. Learn valuable lessons for business sellers in M&A deals September 3, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: When buying or selling a business, disagreements

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