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Buyer Halts Payments, Alleges Inaccurate Financials in M&A Deal

Explore a case where a buyer halted payments in an M&A deal due to alleged financial inaccuracies, and learn about offset provisions in purchase agreements. M&A Stories March 29, 2019 Introduction: In the world of mergers and acquisitions, uncertainties loom

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Buyer Misses Merger Deadline, Faces $126 Million Breakup Fee Battle

Explore a legal battle over a $126.5 million reverse breakup fee resulting from a missed merger deadline. Delve into the complexities of M&A agreements and antitrust issues. M&A Stories March 28, 2019 Introduction: In the world of business acquisitions, sellers

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S Corp Stock Seller Can Sue Buyer for Not Closing Tax Books Mid-year

M&A Stories March 27, 2019 Introduction An S corporation does not pay federal corporate income tax. The S corporation passes its income, deductions and credits through to its shareholders, in proportion to their ownership interest in the S corporation. The

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Asset Purchase Agreement Shields Buyer from Seller Employee Claim

Introduction You want to buy an existing business. You select your target business, a purchase price and payment terms. Now what? You talk to your accountant, lawyer or other adviser about how to do the deal. Your adviser asks you

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Shareholders Claim Buyer Forced Distressed Business into Bankruptcy

Introduction Buying a distressed competitor may be a smart business move.  However, the means used to buy the business can have legal consequences. The deal This case involved a distressed Texas based glove maker that was a formerly a public

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Seller Did Not Need Company Landlord’s Consent to Stock Deal

Introduction Real estate can be a major asset in a company. It is very common for a company to lease their offices, stores, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. A buyer usually wants to use the company’s real estate. If buying

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Buyer Bought Target Employee’s Non-compete in Merger

Introduction A company’s relationship with its employees may be the crown jewel of the business. Often these relationships are evidenced by employment agreements which contain some form of post-employment nonsolicitation and non-competition covenants. Such provisions may not be enforceable in

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Buyer Sues Business Seller for Bad Accounts Receivable

Introduction One of the problem assets in an acquisition can be the seller’s accounts receivable. A buyer may want to manage the risk of bad receivables by providing for a post-closing adjustment to the purchase price. The deal This case

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Buyer Loses $21.6 Million Claim for Business Seller’s Exclusivity Breach

Introduction One of the first documents that is often signed between a seller of a privately-owned business and a prospective buyer is a letter of intent. That document has a nonbinding description of the key terms of a business sale.

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Court Gives Pharmacy Seller Chance to Collect Earnout

Introduction A prospective buyer and seller of a business often can’t agree upon a purchase price. One way to bridge the gap is to break down the purchase price into two pieces. A fixed amount and a contingent amount based

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