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California intermediate appellate court holds that offer was not bona fide. The earnout disqualified the offered purchase price from being “in a dollar amount.”  M&A Stories August 09, 2021 Introduction: When purchasing a business from a franchisee, there are additional

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Franchise Asset Buyer Didn’t Inherit Seller’s Unemployment Tax Experience Rating

Learn about a case where a buyer of franchise assets fought off a state’s attempt to impose the seller’s high unemployment tax experience rating due to a franchise agreement. Understand the implications and legal outcomes. Read more on our M&A

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Expert Opinion on Unreasonable Denial of Dealership Sale by GM

Gain insights into a case involving the denial of a Buick GMC dealership sale by GM. Learn about the legal actions, expert testimony, and the importance of expertise in such complex M&A situations. M&A Stories October 20, 2020 Introduction: When

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Franchisee’s Struggle: A Cautionary Tale for Business Owners

Explore a cautionary tale of a failed restaurant franchise sale due to contractual disputes with the franchisor. Learn the importance of resolving legal issues before selling your business in this M&A case study. July 7, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: In

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