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Environmental Liability in M&A Deals

Explore a legal case study on environmental liabilities in M&A deals. Learn about the dispute between a stock seller and buyer regarding contamination issues and indemnification. M&A Stories November 29, 2018 In this transaction, a company dealing in industrial combustion

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Buyer’s Pursuit of Misrepresentation Damages through D&O Policy

Explore a legal case in M&A where a buyer seeks damages for misrepresentation through their D&O insurance policy. Learn about the complexities and court rulings in this insightful M&A story. M&A Stories November 28, 2018 In this M&A story, we

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M&A Deal Lessons: Honesty and Due Diligence Are Key

Learn from a real M&A case involving digital marketing and concessions. Discover the importance of honesty and due diligence in M&A deals. Get insights from the Cinema Scene Marketing & Promotions, Inc. v. Calident Capital, LLC case. M&A Stories November

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Resolving Cash Disputes in M&A: Lessons from a Puerto Rico Case

Explore the challenges of post-closing cash disputes in M&A transactions through the lens of a Puerto Rico case. Gain insights into the importance of comprehensive agreements and learn from the experiences of the parties involved. M&A Stories November 26, 2018

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Employment Agreement Breach: Impact on Non-Compete Enforcement

Explore the consequences of employment agreement breaches in M&A transactions. This blog delves into a case where a company’s failure to uphold an employment contract affected its ability to enforce a non-compete clause. Learn valuable lessons for post-closing integration and

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Allegations of Breach in M&A Deal: Lessons from a $100 Million Case

Explore the intricate post-transaction landscape of M&A through a $100 million case involving an Atlanta-based chemical packaging company. Delve into the details of post-closing commitments, breaches, and legal implications, emphasizing the significance of post-closing covenants. M&A Stories November 21, 2018

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Legal Lessons from M&A: Navigating Risks in Minority Business Participation Programs

Explore a recent M&A case where a Spanish conglomerate faced post-closure challenges due to federal law violations in a New York-based construction company. Gain insights into the importance of due diligence in navigating risks associated with minority business participation programs

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Pitfalls of Signing Closing Documents Prematurely: Lessons from Payne v. Cunningham

Explore the legal ramifications of signing M&A closing documents prematurely, illustrated through Payne v. Cunningham. This blog delves into a notable 2016 case involving a car dealership sale, highlighting the crucial importance of timing in avoiding unforeseen legal consequences. Learn

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Court Rules in Favor of Buyer in Union Pension Liability Dispute

Explore a recent M&A case where a buyer successfully defends against a union pension plan’s claim for the seller’s unfunded pension liability. Dive into the details of the case, the buyer’s defense strategy, and the court’s decision. M&A Stories November

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Delaware Court Rules Buyer Must Honor Post-Closing Payments Despite Seller’s Breach

Explore the implications of a recent M&A case in Delaware (Post Holdings, Inc. v. NPE Seller Rep LLC), emphasizing the importance of honoring post-closing payments despite alleged breaches by the seller. Gain insights into contractual obligations, indemnification claims, and the

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