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Court says buyer was barred from pursuing claim for seller breach of software representation by settling purchase price adjustment dispute

Buyer, a Jacksonville, Florida based insurance company, purchased Target, a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida based private insurance company and its subsidiaries from Seller pursuant to a stock purchase agreement. In the stock purchase agreement, Seller represented and warranted, that a software

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A seller of a business must go to court to enforce its right to an earn out

This story is about Sandy. She founded and owned a company that designed, manufactured, and sold decorative garden sculptures that glowed at night: a solar unit inside the sculpture. She sold them under the Garden Meadow trade name.  We will

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Buyer of business could not challenge net working capital purchase price adjustment after agreeing to final net working capital amount

This is a lesson about using net working capital purchase price adjustments.  In this case the buyer purchased the assets of a business from seller out of bankruptcy. The asset purchase agreement contained a net working capital purchase price adjustment. 

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