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Casino and Hotel Sale During Pandemic: Legal Clarification

Explore the legal intricacies of a deferred closing in the world of business acquisitions, as we analyze a case involving a Las Vegas casino and hotel sale during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how legal proceedings unfolded and the outcome in

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Buyer Risk for Unpaid PPP Loan in M&A Transaction

M&A Development October 6, 2020 Introduction Unpaid PPP loans add a new risk for the buyer and seller of a business. The Small Business Administration published guidance on this M&A risk on October 2, 2020. Following the SBA guidance is

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Enforcing Liquidated Damages in M&A Deals: A Lesson from a Real Case

Explore a cautionary tale from the world of mergers and acquisitions. Learn about a case where a buyer’s commitment to pay $6.5 million in liquidated damages became the focal point of legal action. Understand the significance of well-negotiated clauses in

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Buyer’s Rights Upheld: How Written Agreements Matter in M&A

Explore a real-life M&A case highlighting the importance of clear agreements. Learn how a buyer’s rights were protected through written agreements. Dive into the world of mergers and acquisitions with this legal blog. M&A Stories April 15, 2019 In the

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Navigating M&A Pitfalls: Signing Purchase Agreement Before Agreement on All Essential Terms

Explore a real-life M&A transaction involving a wholesale distributor of candy and tobacco products. Delve into the complexities of change of control provisions, supplier consent, and the legal aftermath. Learn from the Musallam v. Ali case as we highlight the

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