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Navigating Earnout Disputes in Mergers & Acquisitions

Delve into the complexities of earnout disputes in mergers and acquisitions through the lens of the Barnard v. Marchex, Inc. case. Explore how earnouts, though crucial for aligning buyer-seller interests, can lead to litigation due to ambiguous terms and breaches

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Navigating Due Diligence Risks in M&A: Lessons from Competitor Acquisitions

Explore the complexities of M&A due diligence in competitor acquisitions with our latest blog post. Discover lessons learned from real-world cases, such as the challenges faced by a prominent manufacturer in its acquisition journey. Gain insights into navigating legal risks

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Mitigating M&A Buyer Risks: Safeguarding Against Former Seller Employees Competing with Stolen Trade Secrets

Dive into the legal intricacies of M&A transactions with our latest blog post, exploring how to mitigate risks associated with former seller employees competing with stolen trade secrets. Learn from real-life legal disputes and discover proactive measures for safeguarding your

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Sale of Vet Practice and Noncompetition Agreements

Unlock the secrets of M&A legal strategies in our latest blog post as we delve into the fascinating world of professional service business acquisitions. Explore the intricate dance between buyers and sellers, focusing on a compelling case involving the sale

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Mitigating M&A Risks: Insights on Navigating Buyer Stock, Foreign Exchanges, and Legal Pitfalls

Explore the complexities of M&A transactions with a focus on mitigating risks related to buyer stock, foreign exchanges, and legal pitfalls. Gain insights from a real-life case involving a Canadian corporation acquiring a business in Mesa and Scottsdale, and learn

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How Carnival Cruise Protected Its Digital Treasure: The DXP Software Saga

Dive into the legal battle between Carnival Cruise and a bankrupt software developer over the OceanMedallion™ guest engagement system. Discover how Carnival fought to protect its proprietary innovation and the outcome of this high-stakes showdown. M&A Stories  September 8, 2023

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The asset purchase agreement provided for a breakup fee and expense reimbursement. However, the bankruptcy court did not approve the deal protection terms before the auction. Nevertheless, the court approved the breakup fee and expense reimbursement because it resulted in

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When a Buyer’s Non-Solicitation Covenant Backfires: Lessons from a California Case

Explore the complexities of M&A non-solicitation covenants through a compelling California case. Learn how a buyer’s attempt to restrict a seller’s outreach met legal hurdles, highlighting the importance of precision in drafting agreements. Delve into the balance between commercial interests

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Apportioning Professional Services Using the Sales Factor

Today I want to talk about professionals providing remote services across state lines. Let’s say you are a State A natural resources lawyer working on a State B mining project for a client based out of State C.  All your

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McCauley Knutsen

McCauley Knutsen (‘MK’) is a law business which understands the needs of business owners.   The firm specializes in entrepreneurial, privately held small and mid-size businesses.   With its offices in Carlsbad California, MK supplies growing companies with the quality

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