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Asset Buyer’s Liability for Pre-Closing Product Issues in M&A Deals

Explore the complexities of managing product liability risks in M&A transactions. This blog post discusses a case involving an asset acquisition, product liability claims, and the buyer’s defense against successor liability. Learn about the court’s ruling and the implications for

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Expert Opinion on Unreasonable Denial of Dealership Sale by GM

Gain insights into a case involving the denial of a Buick GMC dealership sale by GM. Learn about the legal actions, expert testimony, and the importance of expertise in such complex M&A situations. M&A Stories October 20, 2020 Introduction: When

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Buyer’s Failure to Timely Pay Results in Lost Acquisition Opportunity

Explore a case involving a missed payment deadline in a business acquisition agreement and the legal consequences that followed. Learn how a buyer’s failure to adhere to agreement terms can lead to significant consequences in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). M&A

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Clarifying Buyer’s Set-Off Provision in M&A Deals for Unresolved Indemnity Claims

Gain insights into the legal complexities of using set-off provisions in M&A transactions. Understand how disputes over indemnity claims can impact post-closing payments and buyer protections. M&A Stories October 14, 2020 Introduction: When a business buyer purchases another company, they

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Dispute Over $4.4 Million Adjustment in M&A Deal Linked to EBITDA

Explore a recent M&A case involving a $4.4 million adjustment dispute tied to EBITDA calculations. Learn about the legal intricacies and implications for purchase price agreements. M&A Stories October 9, 2020 Introduction: In the context of acquisitions, the cost frequently

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Buyer Risk for Unpaid PPP Loan in M&A Transaction

M&A Development October 6, 2020 Introduction Unpaid PPP loans add a new risk for the buyer and seller of a business. The Small Business Administration published guidance on this M&A risk on October 2, 2020. Following the SBA guidance is

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