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Earnout Dispute: Lessons for Business Sellers

Explore the case of a Texas-based seller’s earnout dispute and the consequences of failing to verify earnout calculations. Learn valuable lessons for business sellers in M&A deals September 3, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: When buying or selling a business, disagreements

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M&A Integration Provision and Exclusive Remedy Clause: How They Impact Seller Claims

Explore the crucial role of the APA Integration Provision and Exclusive Remedy Clause in a recent M&A case involving a Denver-based seller and a Houston-based buyer. Discover key allegations, the seller’s claim, the court’s decision, and the legal obstacles faced

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Buyer’s Legal Action for Lost Profits in Urgent Care Center Acquisition

Explore a case study where a buyer sued the seller over lost profits in an urgent care center acquisition. Learn about the legal aspects and due diligence considerations. M&A Stories December 21, 2018 In this case, a buyer in the

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Buyer’s Misrepresentation Claim Fails Due to Economic Loss Doctrine

Explore a recent case involving a buyer’s misrepresentation claim in an M&A deal. Learn how the economic loss doctrine played a crucial role in the outcome and its implications for similar cases. M&A Stories December 7, 2018 In a recent

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