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Product Line Exception Creates Additional Successor Liability Risk for Buyer of Business Assets

California Supreme Court creates product line exception in 1977 by holding the buyer of the assets of a ladder maker responsible for the post-closing injury of a person caused by the seller’s defective ladder made and sold before the closing.

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Very Risky for Seller to Give Buyer Keys to Business Before Closing

Seller signs binding LOI and then allows buyer to run the business without signing APA. Deal never closes. M&A Stories September 22, 2021 Introduction Most letters of intent are nonbinding. That is because a binding acquisition agreement is only agreed

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Business Buyer Recovers Damages for Seller Sufficiency of Assets Rep & Warranty Breach

Buyer of manufacturing business discovers obsolete and malfunctioning equipment. Recovers damages from seller. M&A Stories September 5, 2021 Introduction Most acquisition agreements require the seller to represent and warrant that the assets purchased are sufficient to operate the business. This

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Business Buyer Awarded Damages for Seller Full Disclosure Rep & Warranty Breach

Boilerplate representation and warranty supported damage award for seller’s pre-closing failure to tell the buyer about his manufacturing company’s supply problems M&A Stories September 5, 2021 Introduction An acquisition agreement in a private deal always comes with pages of seller

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Buyer Awarded Damages for Seller Product Design Representation & Warranty Breach

Buyer allocates time and expense to fix a product design problem identified by a customer M&A Stories September 3, 2021 Introduction Acquisition agreement representations and warranties are primarily designed to allocate risk between the buyer and the seller. The deal

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A Rep & Warranty Helped Buyer Recover Damages from Seller of a Manufacturing Business

Seller representation and warranty helped buyer recover loss for problems with product documentation   M&A Stories September 2, 2021 Introduction Representations and warranties in a business purchase agreement are tailored to the business being purchased. For example, some provisions for

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