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Buyer’s Liability in M&A Deals: Understanding Product Line Exceptions

Explore the concept of buyer’s liability in M&A deals and the impact of product line exceptions. Learn from the McAllister v. Mcdermott case and understand how to manage potential risks when acquiring manufacturing businesses. M&A Stories December 02, 2020 Introduction:

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Asset Buyer’s Liability for Pre-Closing Product Issues in M&A Deals

Explore the complexities of managing product liability risks in M&A transactions. This blog post discusses a case involving an asset acquisition, product liability claims, and the buyer’s defense against successor liability. Learn about the court’s ruling and the implications for

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Understanding Product Liability in M&A: A Recent Legal Case

Explore the complexities of product liability in M&A through a real-life legal case involving the acquisition of National Car Rental. Gain insights into liability assumptions and legal outcomes. August 27, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: When acquiring a business out of

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Legal Dispute: Inventor Sues Buyer for Unauthorized Use of Name

Explore a recent M&A legal case where an inventor takes legal action against a buyer for using his name without authorization. This blog post delves into the details of the dispute, legal rulings, and the key takeaway. Case reference: Yeager

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