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Asset Buyer Can’t Recoup its Stale Fraud-Breach Claims Against Earnout

Explore a case study from March 10, 2020, involving a medical device company acquisition and the implications of not pursuing fraud/breach claims post-closing. Learn about the court’s ruling and the importance of timely action in M&A deals. March 10, 2020

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Court Decides EY Earnout Calculation as Arbitration, Not Expert Determination

Learn about a recent M&A case where a court ruled on the nature of an Ernst & Young earnout calculation, determining it as arbitration rather than expert determination. Get insights into the legal conflict and the court’s ruling. November 19,

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Court Approves Seller’s Fraud Lawsuit in Earnout Dispute

Explore a real-life M&A dispute where a seller’s fraud lawsuit against a buyer over an earnout disagreement led to a court ruling. Gain insights into the legal intricacies of this case and the implications for M&A agreements. November 6, 2019

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Earnout Dispute: Lessons for Business Sellers

Explore the case of a Texas-based seller’s earnout dispute and the consequences of failing to verify earnout calculations. Learn valuable lessons for business sellers in M&A deals September 3, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: When buying or selling a business, disagreements

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Seller’s Earnout Lawsuit Verdict: Strategic Buyer’s Actions Deemed Not in Bad Faith

Explore a recent M&A case involving a seller’s earnout lawsuit against a strategic buyer. Delve into the details of the case and its implications for the M&A landscape. Learn about the importance of precise APA language and the challenges sellers

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Lawsuit Over EBITDA Earnout Dispute

Explore a post-closing dispute in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involving an earnout disagreement related to EBITDA. Learn about a case that highlights the complexities of earnout arrangements and potential legal challenges. June 18, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: In this mergers

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Business Seller Accuses Buyer of Earnout Manipulation

Explore a recent M&A case where a seller accused the buyer of manipulating earnings to avoid the earnout. Dive into the legal intricacies and lessons learned from Main Market Partners, LLC v. Olon Ricerca Bioscience LLC. M&A Stories May 16,

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Case demonstrates the risk of a seller of a business runs in agreeing to deferred purchase price in form of royalties

Between 1987 and 1999, Seller developed two software products. Both programs were designed to assist pharmaceutical companies and other related industries regulated by the Food and Drug Administration to comply with reporting and record-keeping obligations. Buyer was founded in 1997

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Court permits seller of PR firm to sue buyer for lost earnout for allegedly taking actions that hurt target’s net earnings

Target was a privately held public relations firm based in Darien, Connecticut, 37 miles northeast of New York City. Buyer is a New York City based brand marketing and production studio. In August of 2016, Buyer purchased all of Target’s

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Risk of earn-outs in sale of RV business

Buyer, with headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, is in the business of providing services and products to companies in the recreational vehicle (`RV”) industry. Target is based in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and specializes in manufacturing and selling window shades

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