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Court permits seller of PR firm to sue buyer for lost earnout for allegedly taking actions that hurt target’s net earnings

Target was a privately held public relations firm based in Darien, Connecticut, 37 miles northeast of New York City. Buyer is a New York City based brand marketing and production studio. In August of 2016, Buyer purchased all of Target’s

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Risk of earn-outs in sale of RV business

Buyer, with headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, is in the business of providing services and products to companies in the recreational vehicle (`RV”) industry. Target is based in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and specializes in manufacturing and selling window shades

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Seller of Oregon dental practice struggles in lawsuit to recover an earnout

The seller sold its dental practice to the buyer, a dental care practice with about 200 offices located in several states, pursuant to an asset purchase agreement. The buyer purchased the practice for $2.8 million in cash. The asset purchase

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Seller of business learns lesson about risks in an earn out

Today I want to talk about a seller of a business who learns how buyer’s problems can hurt his chances of receiving an earn out. Our story is drawn from a case that was tried before the nation’s oldest business

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