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Buyer Needs Owner’s Consent for Using Seller’s Trademark with Owner’s Photo

Learn about a recent legal case highlighting the importance of obtaining the owner’s consent when using seller’s assets, such as trademarks with owner’s photo, during business acquisitions. Explore the details of the case and key takeaways for a smooth transition

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Buyer’s Indemnification Claim: Understanding Contractual and Statutory Limitations

Explore the complexities of indemnification claims in M&A deals. Understand how contractual and statutory limitations impact buyer’s claims based on the Kilcullen v. Spectro Scientific case. Learn from this legal dispute to navigate future acquisitions effectively. December 11, 2019 Introduction:

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Business Buyer Sues Seller Founder for Using His Personal Name to Promote Competitor

Introduction The personal name of the founder of a company such as the name of an inventor or fashion designer can be a very valuable asset in an acquisition. A buyer may want to minimize the risk that the inventor

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