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Jilted Seller Wins $5.7M Judgment After Reliance on Broken Promise

Learn about a significant legal case where a jilted seller secured a $5.7 million judgment due to a broken promise during business negotiations. Gain insights into the importance of transparent communication and the legal implications of unfulfilled commitments. January 24,

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Buyer Can Sue Seller’s Owner for Fraud in Asset Business Deal

Explore a case study where a buyer sued a seller’s owner for fraud in an asset business deal. Learn about the legal elements, court’s decision, and valuable takeaways for buyers in similar situations. January 20, 2020 Introduction: “Things gained through

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Ambiguous APA Forum Selection Clause Did Not Waive Right to Remove to Federal Court

January 10, 2020 Introduction Acquisition documents often have a forum selection clause. And like any provision ambiguity can invite a dispute if litigation breaks out after the closing. The deal The seller was a manufacturing company located in Butler County,

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