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Buyer’s Liability in Trucking Business Acquisition: A WARN Act Case Study

Explore the implications of the WARN Act in the M&A context through a case study on the buyer’s accountability for unpaid compensation to former employees in the acquisition of a trucking business. Gain insights into the legal proceedings, court rulings,

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Maryland Court Upholds Forum Selection Clause in M&A Dispute

Explore the Peterson v. Evapco, Inc. case where a Maryland court enforced a forum selection clause in an M&A legal battle. Understand the implications of forum selection clauses in confidentiality agreements and their impact on non-signatories involved in business transactions.

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Buyer’s Unemployment Tax Liability: Navigating Successor Issues in M&A

Explore the complexities of unemployment tax liability in M&A transactions through a Palisade case study. Understand the legal implications for buyers and the importance of navigating successor issues. Stay informed on how operational changes post-acquisition may not exempt buyers from

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Legal Dispute Over Earnout: Lessons for Business Sellers

Explore the intricacies of a recent M&A case involving a privately held PR firm and a New York City-based buyer. Delve into the background, the unfolding dispute, the court’s ruling, and the implications for sellers considering earnouts. Learn valuable lessons

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Tax Implications for Sales Reps in Business Asset Sales: A Case Study

Explore the tax implications for sales representatives in business asset sales through a real case study. Learn about the challenges faced by an employee in categorizing sales proceeds as capital gains and the crucial court ruling that determined the nature

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Disputed Oral Modification Sinks $5 Million Investment Deal

Explore a recent M&A legal development where a federal district court dismissed a breach of contract claim over an alleged oral modification to a stock purchase agreement. Gain insights into the importance of documenting changes in major agreements and the

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The Tale of Lost Stock Options: Lessons from a Healthcare Business Sale

Explore the cautionary tale of a Tampa-based healthcare outsourcing company and the legal repercussions faced by its COO as his stock options became worthless after a controlling interest acquisition. Learn valuable lessons in proactive negotiation and safeguarding stock options in

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Court Deems Non-Compete in M&A Employment Agreement Unenforceable

Explore a recent M&A case where a court ruled a non-compete clause in an employment agreement unenforceable. Delve into key details, including the background, agreements, termination, legal dispute, court’s decision, severance dispute, and trade secret allegations. M&A Stories September 17,

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Dispute Over Severance Payments: A Lesson in Clear Contract Language

Explore the legal battle in Perrigo Company v. International Vitamin Corporation, highlighting the importance of clear contract language in M&A transactions. Learn how a complex asset purchase agreement led to a $1.2 million reimbursement dispute and the lessons for avoiding

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Clarifying Investment Banking Engagement Agreements in M&A Transactions

Explore a legal dispute between a Toronto-based investment banking firm and its M&A client. Gain valuable insights into industry lessons as we delve into a successful stock sale, the disagreement over a success fee, and the intricacies of debt assumption.

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