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Key Takeaways from Recent M&A Case: Buyer’s Indemnification Rights Clarified

Explore the legal intricacies of a recent M&A case where a restraint system manufacturer acquired a seat belt producer, leading to a dispute over indemnification for pre-closing product liability claims. Understand the court’s ruling and the implications for buyers and

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Enforcing Noncompetition Agreements in Business Asset Sales: A Legal Insight

Explore the legal intricacies of enforcing noncompetition agreements in M&A transactions. Delve into a recent case where a buyer’s right to enforce a non-compete clause was contested after the sale of business assets. Gain valuable insights into contract acquisition, potential

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Dispute Resolution in M&A: Buyer’s Claim Dismissed in Software Breach Case

Explore a recent M&A case where a buyer’s claim in a software breach dispute was dismissed. Gain insights into the importance of language in release agreements and learn from the experiences of a Jacksonville-based insurance company acquiring a Fort Lauderdale-based

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Federal Court Ruling on Asset Buyer’s Liability for Seller’s Wage and Hour Issues

Explore the intricacies of a recent federal court ruling in Diaz v. Slayton One Cleaner Inc., dissecting the responsibility of asset buyers for seller’s wage and hour issues in M&A transactions. Understand the court’s decision and its implications for small

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Resolving Purchase Price Dispute in Pressure Washer Business Sale

Explore the legal journey of a pressure washer business sale, uncovering payment disputes, court battles, and key lessons for M&A professionals. M&A Stories October 22, 2018 In a recent M&A tale, the owner of Midwest Cleaning Systems, a pressure washer

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Navigating Noncompete Challenges in Stock Acquisitions: A Cautionary Tale

Explore the intricate dynamics of safeguarding key talent in M&A through this cautionary tale of a stock acquisition. Delve into the nuances revealed in a pivotal case from October 9, 2018, shedding light on the impact of stock acquisitions on

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Buyer’s Failure to Follow Escrow Agreement Procedures Leads to Release of Funds: A Cautionary Tale

Explore the cautionary tale of an M&A case where the buyer’s failure to adhere to escrow agreement procedures resulted in the release of funds. Learn the importance of strict adherence to specified notice procedures to safeguard interests in M&A transactions.

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Buyer’s Indemnification Claim and Pre-Closing Tax Refunds: A Cautionary Tale

Explore the intricacies of indemnification claims in M&A through a cautionary tale of a private equity firm’s acquisition of an environmental remediation company. Learn from the legal challenges, court rulings, and the importance of setoff provisions in stock purchase agreements.

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Buyer’s Fraud Claim Fails in M&A Deal Due to Lack of Allegations

Explore the complexities of M&A fraud cases through the lens of a recent legal dispute involving the acquisition of a gold mining company. Understand the background, details of the deal, the specific fraud allegation, legal outcomes, and insightful analysis. Dive

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Dispute Resolution in M&A: Understanding Liability Releases

Explore crucial insights into liability releases in M&A transactions through the analysis of a legal dispute arising from the stock acquisition of a New Jersey-based environmental services and waste management company. Learn about insurance details, release clauses, and the implications

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