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Safeguarding Purchased Customer Information through Nondisclosure Agreements in M&A Deals

Learn how including a covenant in your acquisition agreement can prevent sellers from disclosing or utilizing customer data, even if it’s not classified as a trade secret. Explore a real case involving a seafood wholesaler and importer. March 31, 2020

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Business Buyer Sues Former Employee Over Use of Seller Business Cards

Explore a legal case where a buyer filed a lawsuit against a former employee who left with business cards belonging to the seller’s clients after an M&A deal. Learn about the legal implications and challenges in protecting trade secrets in

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Non-compete given by business seller’s owner to business buyer in employment agreement held by court to be unenforceable

Seller’s owner is a computer programmer who operated Seller, a Portland, Maine based business that provided data and consulting services for the tire and automotive industry. In November 2010, Buyer contacted Seller’s owner about purchasing Seller. Buyer is based in

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