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Buyer’s Non-Assumption of Implied Warranty in Treadmill Maker Acquisition

Explore a significant M&A legal case involving the acquisition of a treadmill manufacturing company, where the buyer’s responsibility for warranties was at the heart of the lawsuit. Learn how the Texas Supreme Court’s decision impacted the outcome. M&A Stories November

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Asset Buyer’s Risk in Unassumed Seller Contracts: A Cautionary Tale

Explore the potential risks faced by asset buyers when dealing with unassumed seller contracts in the world of mergers and acquisitions. Learn from a cautionary tale involving a buyer, a seller, and a critical contract dispute. M&A Stories May 28,

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Understanding Successor Liability in M&A Deals: Michigan vs. New Jersey

Explore the nuances of successor liability in M&A deals, focusing on the legal case of Varilease Finance, Inc. v. Earthcolor, Inc. This blog simplifies the complexities of Michigan and New Jersey’s successor liability tests, offering insights for professionals in the

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Energy Drink Acquisition: Legal Battle Over Formula Restrictions

Explore the legal battles surrounding energy drink acquisitions and formula restrictions. Learn from the case of Innovation Ventures, LLC v. Custom Nutrition Laboratories, LLC. M&A Stories January 2, 2019 In 2004, a well-known energy drink manufacturer partnered with a company

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Court Decision: Buyer Assumes Liability for Lead Paint Poisoning in M&A Deal

Explore a recent Wisconsin court decision on an M&A case where a buyer assumed liabilities for lead paint poisoning. Gain insights into the court’s interpretation of the asset purchase agreement and its impact on M&A transactions. M&A Stories November 14,

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Dispute Erupts in Aerospace Acquisition: Battle Over Warranty Claims

  Dive into the complexities of M&A as we unravel a recent legal dispute in the aerospace industry. Explore the intricacies of warranty claims, allocation of liabilities, and the aftermath of an acquisition gone awry. Gain insights from a real-life

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