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Safeguarding Purchased Customer Information through Nondisclosure Agreements in M&A Deals

Learn how including a covenant in your acquisition agreement can prevent sellers from disclosing or utilizing customer data, even if it’s not classified as a trade secret. Explore a real case involving a seafood wholesaler and importer. March 31, 2020

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Seller Claims Confidentiality Breach Costs It $12.7 Million in M&A Case

Explore the legal repercussions of a breach of confidentiality in an M&A deal. Learn from the Cargotec Corporation v. Logan Industries case and the potential pitfalls sellers face when sharing sensitive information with potential buyers. M&A Stories January 8, 2019

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Allegations of Breach in M&A Deal: Lessons from a $100 Million Case

Explore the intricate post-transaction landscape of M&A through a $100 million case involving an Atlanta-based chemical packaging company. Delve into the details of post-closing commitments, breaches, and legal implications, emphasizing the significance of post-closing covenants. M&A Stories November 21, 2018

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Maryland Court Upholds Forum Selection Clause in M&A Dispute

Explore the Peterson v. Evapco, Inc. case where a Maryland court enforced a forum selection clause in an M&A legal battle. Understand the implications of forum selection clauses in confidentiality agreements and their impact on non-signatories involved in business transactions.

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Navigating Confidentiality and Exclusivity: A Cautionary M&A Tale from the Scrap Metal Industry

Explore the legal intricacies of an M&A dispute between a Cleveland-based Buyer and a Covington, La.-based Seller in the scrap metal recycling industry. Learn valuable lessons on confidentiality, exclusivity, and the repercussions of breaching agreements in M&A negotiations. M&A Stories

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