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Cash Buyer of Paper Mill Assets Not Liable for Seller’s CERCLA Liability

Explore the legal intricacies of M&A deals involving environmental liabilities. Learn about the concept of de facto mergers and when a cash buyer may or may not be held responsible for a seller’s cleanup obligations. Dive into a real-life case

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Employees of Sold Company Secure Severance Benefits After Legal Battle

Learn about a recent legal case involving severance benefits for employees of a publicly traded chipmaker during an M&A deal. Understand the court’s ruling and its implications for employee benefits in similar situations. M&A Stories April 20, 2019 Introduction: Selling

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Successor Liability in Asset Acquisitions: Protecting Your Business

Explore the complexities of successor liability in M&A asset acquisitions and how to protect your interests. Learn from a real case scenario and key takeaways. M&A Stories April 17, 2019 Introduction: In the world of M&A, asset purchases can be

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Buyer’s Rights Upheld: How Written Agreements Matter in M&A

Explore a real-life M&A case highlighting the importance of clear agreements. Learn how a buyer’s rights were protected through written agreements. Dive into the world of mergers and acquisitions with this legal blog. M&A Stories April 15, 2019 In the

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Timely Products Liability Claims in M&A Deals: A Closer Look

Explore the intricacies of products liability claims in M&A deals, including indemnification agreements and survival periods. Dive into the legal resolution of a real case, CEI Equipment Company v. Gaddis. M&A Stories April 11, 2019 Introduction: In mergers and acquisitions,

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Seller’s Insurance Broker Sued for Failing to Add Buyer as Loss Payee

This blog post discusses a recent lawsuit involving an insurance broker’s failure to notify a carrier about a buyer’s loss payee status in an M&A deal. Learn about the case, its implications, and the legal aspects surrounding this issue. M&A 

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Buyer Sued for Withholding Key Information in M&A Deal

Explore a case highlighting the critical role of transparency in Mergers and Acquisitions. Learn how the failure to disclose crucial information led to a costly legal battle and a failed merger. M&A Stories April 2, 2019 Introduction: In the world

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