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How Tax Due Diligence Benefits Buyers in Stock Acquisitions

Explore the significance of tax due diligence in stock acquisitions to avoid unexpected tax liabilities and legal disputes. Learn from a real case scenario where a buyer faced post-closing tax debts and legal battles due to inadequate tax assessment. “Trust,

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Hospital Buyer and Seller Dispute $2.4 Million Medicare-Medicaid Payment in M&A Deal

Explore a complex hospital acquisition case where a $2.4 million Medicare-Medicaid payment dispute arises between the buyer and seller. Gain insights into how the court interpreted the Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) and its impact on the resolution of this M&A

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SEC Files Lawsuit Against Target Executives for Deceptive Practices in M&A Deal

The SEC’s legal action against Target’s CEO and CTO reveals the consequences of misleading buyers in M&A deals. Learn about the case and its implications for ethical M&A negotiations. M&A Insights Choosing the ethical path in M&A negotiations is not

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Buyer CEO’s False Promises Lead to Non-Dischargeable Judgment in Bankruptcy

Learn about the legal consequences of deceptive practices during a business acquisition, as a CEO’s false promises lead to a non-dischargeable judgment in bankruptcy. Explore a notable M&A case and discover the importance of honesty in negotiations. M&A Stories Taking

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Shareholders Can’t Challenge Merger Approval by Board due to Lack of Control Change

Explore a case study where a shareholder could not challenge the target board’s merger approval because the transaction would not result in a change of control. Learn about the legal implications and the application of the Revlon Doctrine in M&A

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Target Shareholders Cannot Compel Disclosure of Merger File by Target’s Law Firm

Explore a recent legal case that delves into the rights of shareholders in M&A deals to compel disclosure of merger-related information from the target company’s law firm. Discover how the court’s ruling highlights the law firm’s allegiance to the target

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Buyer’s Waiver of Privileged Communications Shared during Due Diligence

Learn about a court case where sharing privileged communications during due diligence led to a waiver of attorney-client privilege. Understand the implications for M&A transactions and the importance of maintaining a clear distinction between legal and commercial interests. M&A Stories

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