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Buyer’s Non-Assumption of Implied Warranty in Treadmill Maker Acquisition

Explore a significant M&A legal case involving the acquisition of a treadmill manufacturing company, where the buyer’s responsibility for warranties was at the heart of the lawsuit. Learn how the Texas Supreme Court’s decision impacted the outcome. M&A Stories November

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Stalking Horse’s Bid Fails in M&A Deal Due to Dispute Over PPP Loan Value

Explore a recent M&A case where a stalking horse bid faced challenges due to disagreements over the value of a PPP loan. Gain insights into the legal intricacies and implications of this unique situation. M&A Stories November 17, 2020 Introduction:

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Franchise Asset Buyer Didn’t Inherit Seller’s Unemployment Tax Experience Rating

Learn about a case where a buyer of franchise assets fought off a state’s attempt to impose the seller’s high unemployment tax experience rating due to a franchise agreement. Understand the implications and legal outcomes. Read more on our M&A

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