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No Seller Responsibility for Pre-Closing Product Recall in M&A Deal

Explore a legal analysis of a significant M&A case where a buyer’s claim for indemnification in a product recall dispute was examined by the Delaware Court of Chancery. Gain insights into the court’s verdict and learn how such disputes can

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Understanding Financial Statements Representation in M&A Agreements

Explore the importance of accurate financial statement representation in M&A agreements. Learn from a real case involving disputed financial statements and the court’s decision. Case reference: Hill v. LW Buyer, LLC. December 4, 2019 Introduction: In M&A agreements, sellers usually

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Buyer Halts Payments, Alleges Inaccurate Financials in M&A Deal

Explore a case where a buyer halted payments in an M&A deal due to alleged financial inaccuracies, and learn about offset provisions in purchase agreements. M&A Stories March 29, 2019 Introduction: In the world of mergers and acquisitions, uncertainties loom

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Buyer Stock in M&A: Securities Fraud Risks

Explore the risks of using buyer stock in M&A deals and the potential securities fraud concerns. Learn from a real case study and key takeaways for transparent M&A transactions. M&A Stories January 26, 2019 In this M&A case study, we’ll

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Legal Case: Buyer’s Lawsuit Over Stock Acquisition Reveals Chinese Compliance Issues

Explore a recent M&A legal case where a buyer sued the seller for misrepresenting compliance with Chinese law, resulting in significant financial implications. Learn about the importance of representations and warranties in purchase agreements. M&A Stories December 13, 2018 In

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