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Nondisclosure Covenant May Protect Purchased Customer Info Even if Not Trade Secret

March 31, 2020 Introduction A buyer of a business does not want the seller or its owner to compete against it after the closing. One tool to manage this risk is the have the seller (and owner) provide a covenant

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Business Buyer Sues Key Former Seller Employee for Using Seller Business Cards

Introduction A key employee in a service business may have valuable personal relationships with the company’s clients. A buyer of the service business risks the key employee walking out the door with company clients after the closing. The deal Here,

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Medical Practice Buyer Sues Selling Doctor for Post-Closing Taking of Patient List

Introduction A patient list may be a valuable and confidential asset of a medical practice. Therefore, a buyer of a medical practice will want to keep the selling doctor from taking the patient list with him or her after the

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Allegations were enough, if true to establish that business sellers breached their noncompetition, nonsolicitation and confidentiality covenants

Buyer is a full-service specialty contract manufacturer of automotive, household, insecticide, and pesticide aerosols, based in St. Clair, Missouri, about 50 miles southwest of St Louis. Target is a specialty chemical contract packager, which manufactures aerosols, liquids, and bag-on-valve products,

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Non-compete given by business seller’s owner to business buyer in employment agreement held by court to be unenforceable

Seller’s owner is a computer programmer who operated Seller, a Portland, Maine based business that provided data and consulting services for the tire and automotive industry. In November 2010, Buyer contacted Seller’s owner about purchasing Seller. Buyer is based in

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