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Learn about the fraud exception in M&A indemnification through a case illustration. Understand how a buyer successfully claimed damages beyond the indemnification cap for seller fraud in an acquisition deal. M&A Stories July 28, 2021 Introduction: In M&A deals, it’s

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Delaware Court Allows Buyer’s Claims Against Seller for Breach and Fraud in Business Acquisition

Explore a significant M&A legal case where a Delaware court permitted a buyer to pursue claims against a seller for breach and fraud in a business acquisition. Get insights into the buyer’s legal battle and the implications of acquisition agreement

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Seller’s Indemnification Cap Dispute: What Entrepreneurs and Investors Should Know

Explore the intricacies of indemnification caps in M&A deals. Learn about a real case involving a private equity firm, a $2.25 million dispute, and the importance of clarity in asset purchase agreements. M&A Stories May 21, 2019 Introduction: In the

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Navigating Indemnification Caps in M&A Deals

Explore the intricacies of indemnification caps in M&A deals and learn from a recent case dispute over their interpretation. Gain insights into risk mitigation strategies for buyers and sellers in the world of mergers and acquisitions. M&A Stories May 20,

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Seller loses $12.7 million jury verdict on appeal for damages for potential buyer’s claimed breach of confidentiality provision in letter of intent

In 2010, Seller was an integrated design and manufacturing company specializing in the development, production, installation, repair, and servicing of heavy equipment for use by offshore energy companies in the Gulf Coast region. Seller was founded in 2002 and employed

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Israeli pharma buyer’s fraud claim against seller of Mexican pharma company tossed out by court

In 2015, Buyer, an Israeli pharma company purchased Target, a Mexican pharmaceutical company, from Sellers, and the intellectual property used by Target from a Sellers affiliate. The total sale price came to $2.3 Billion. After the closing, Buyer claimed that

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Signing closing documents before closing acquisition results in costly litigation

In 2016, the parties negotiated a stock purchase agreement by which Seller would sell Target, a car dealership, to Buyers and another colleague in two phases. First, Buyers and their colleague were to purchase 21% of Target for $500,000 cash.

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Buyer of business strikes out after protracted litigation trying to recover lost profit damages from seller

Buyer wanted to enter the annual $5 billion revenue back-to-school season market for the sale of school supplies. Since Buyer needed inventory, licenses, and retailer relationships to get the ball rolling, it decided to buy the stationery division at Seller,

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