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Seller’s Earnout Lawsuit Verdict: Strategic Buyer’s Actions Deemed Not in Bad Faith

Explore a recent M&A case involving a seller’s earnout lawsuit against a strategic buyer. Delve into the details of the case and its implications for the M&A landscape. Learn about the importance of precise APA language and the challenges sellers

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Strategic Buyer’s Decision Not to Proceed with APA after LOI

Explore the Mississippi high court’s ruling on a strategic buyer’s refusal to sign an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) after signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) in this M&A legal blog. Delve into the background, hurdles, outcome, and legal action of

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Buyer Misses Merger Deadline, Faces $126 Million Breakup Fee Battle

Explore a legal battle over a $126.5 million reverse breakup fee resulting from a missed merger deadline. Delve into the complexities of M&A agreements and antitrust issues. M&A Stories March 28, 2019 Introduction: In the world of business acquisitions, sellers

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Key Lessons from a Palo Alto M&A Dispute

Explore a significant M&A dispute involving a Palo Alto company and the key lessons learned from this case. Understand the importance of addressing debt subordination in M&A deals to avoid costly disputes. M&A Stories December 13, 2018 In December 2018,

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The Tale of Lost Stock Options: Lessons from a Healthcare Business Sale

Explore the cautionary tale of a Tampa-based healthcare outsourcing company and the legal repercussions faced by its COO as his stock options became worthless after a controlling interest acquisition. Learn valuable lessons in proactive negotiation and safeguarding stock options in

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