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Court says asset buyer of business can sue seller for failure to disclose its union contract obligation

In this post-closing lawsuit, Unions comprised four jointly-managed multiemployer employee benefit plans. Seller was a Nebraska corporation which performed waterproofing, concrete and masonry restoration, and roofing services in Nebraska and the Midwest. Buyer was also a Nebraska corporation, performing commercial

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New York federal court says dry cleaner asset buyer was not responsible for seller’s federal wage and hour liability

Seller was formed in 2007, which operated as a dry cleaning business in Manhattan that did business as Slayton Cleaners. Seller retained seven employees, including one front-desk attendant, one helper, two ironing persons, one spotter, one driver, and one tailor.

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Seller of pressure washer business had to go an extra mile to recover unpaid purchase price from buyer

For thirty-two years, Seller owned and operated Midwest Cleaning Systems, a northeast Iowa business that sold and serviced pressure washers and cleaning equipment. For the last thirty years, the business sold and serviced Alkota brand equipment. When Seller decided to

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Court says that the buyer of the assets of two restaurants can sue the seller for damages for inflating sales revenue

This is the story of a buyer of the assets of two restaurants who finds post-closing sales are 60% of the restaurants historic performance as shown on the financial statements provided to the buyer by the seller. Non-relevant facts have

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Seller of business learns lesson about risks in an earn out

Today I want to talk about a seller of a business who learns how buyer’s problems can hurt his chances of receiving an earn out. Our story is drawn from a case that was tried before the nation’s oldest business

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