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Court Decides EY Earnout Calculation as Arbitration, Not Expert Determination

Learn about a recent M&A case where a court ruled on the nature of an Ernst & Young earnout calculation, determining it as arbitration rather than expert determination. Get insights into the legal conflict and the court’s ruling. November 19,

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ESOP Bank Trustee and Owner Ordered to Repay $6.5 Million Overpayment in Purchase Price

Explore a case study where ESOP owners and a bank trustee were sued for an overpriced transaction, resulting in a $6.5 million repayment order. Learn key takeaways for successful ESOP deals. November 18, 2019 Introduction: Selling a business to an

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Business Buyer’s $8 Million Claim Denied in Case of Nonrenewed Customer Contracts

Explore a legal case where a business buyer’s $8 million claim was denied after losing revenue due to nonrenewed customer contracts. Gain insights into the court’s ruling and the importance of accurate representations in M&A agreements. November 10, 2019 Introduction:

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Buyer’s Defeat in Dispute with Asset Seller Over Deal’s Sales Tax Responsibility

Explore a legal blog post discussing a significant M&A case where a buyer faced unexpected challenges over sales tax responsibility in a marina asset purchase agreement. Learn how precise contract language and allocation provisions could have averted the dispute. Case

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Court Approves Seller’s Fraud Lawsuit in Earnout Dispute

Explore a real-life M&A dispute where a seller’s fraud lawsuit against a buyer over an earnout disagreement led to a court ruling. Gain insights into the legal intricacies of this case and the implications for M&A agreements. November 6, 2019

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Court Rules on $12 Million M&A Termination Fee

Explore the court’s decision on a $12 million M&A termination fee in the case of Genuine Parts Company v. Essendant Inc. Learn valuable insights for M&A deals and fiduciary out clauses. November 5, 2019 Introduction: In M&A deals, sellers often

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Insolvent Nonprofit Hospital Sells Assets in Bankruptcy: California Attorney General’s $305 Million Conditions Overruled

Explore the legal details of a California nonprofit hospital’s asset sale in bankruptcy, where the Attorney General’s conditions were overruled, impacting a $610 million deal. Learn about the implications and case reference. November 1, 2019 Introduction: Selling assets of a

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