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Buyer’s Defamation Claim in Failed Bankruptcy M&A Deal

M&A Stories  Explore a recent M&A case where a buyer’s decision to back out of an asset purchase agreement led to a defamation claim by the seller. Learn about the legal proceedings and the court’s ruling in this bankruptcy-related merger

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The seller’s unpaid creditors contend that other potential strategic partners were willing to pay between $42 million and $51 million for the seller. M&A Stories September 26, 2022 Introduction Selling a financially distressed business involves unique risks for both the

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The buyer was not responsible for the production agreement’s pre-closing liabilities because it was a non-executory contract. M&A Stories August 25, 2021 Introduction: When a buyer purchases a distressed business out of bankruptcy, there are specific rules that apply, especially

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Potential $100 Million Payroll Tax Liability for Buyers in M&A Asset Deal

Discover the legal implications of inheriting unpaid payroll taxes in M&A asset deals. Learn from a real case involving a buyer facing a $100 million liability. Insights on managing risks and mitigating potential tax liabilities. June 30, 2020 Introduction: When

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Insolvent Nonprofit Hospital Sells Assets in Bankruptcy: California Attorney General’s $305 Million Conditions Overruled

Explore the legal details of a California nonprofit hospital’s asset sale in bankruptcy, where the Attorney General’s conditions were overruled, impacting a $610 million deal. Learn about the implications and case reference. November 1, 2019 Introduction: Selling assets of a

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Court Rules No De Facto Merger in Purchase of Bankrupt Company’s Assets

Explore the court decision regarding de facto merger in asset acquisitions. Learn how the absence of common ownership impacted this M&A case. Insights on product liability risks. September 17, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: When acquiring a manufacturing business, evaluating product

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Understanding Product Liability in M&A: A Recent Legal Case

Explore the complexities of product liability in M&A through a real-life legal case involving the acquisition of National Car Rental. Gain insights into liability assumptions and legal outcomes. August 27, 2019 M&A Stories Introduction: When acquiring a business out of

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Bankruptcy Court Approves Sale of Business, Clears Pension Claim

Explore the recent M&A development where a pension plan’s attempt to block a company’s business sale in bankruptcy failed. Discover how section 363(f)(3) of the Bankruptcy Code played a pivotal role in allowing the sale to proceed without the burden

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Shareholders Claim Buyer Forced Distressed Business into Bankruptcy

Introduction Buying a distressed competitor may be a smart business move.  However, the means used to buy the business can have legal consequences. The deal This case involved a distressed Texas based glove maker that was a formerly a public

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